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Loqipa offers a wide range of localization services. From simple translation to quality assurance and overall localization management. Our team of localization professionals is here to provide the solution that fits your process. Web, API, audio and video, MT or other services your product might need – partner with Loqipa and succeed on the global market.

We localize


On all mobile platforms, Loqipa will help you prepare and streamline your localization. Only selected linguists with proven experience in the field will be assigned to your project. We will also provide further product knowledge guidance so you launch your app smoothly.

Software & Games

Ideally, software localization starts during the development phase. Loqipa’s experienced team will work with your localization developers to find the best approach. We will ensure the entire process goes smoothly, from export and text prep to importing the content back and testing the final product version.


Where localization for many of our partners starts. Undeniably, the most important meeting point with your buyers. Loqipa can handle the localization of your content and tailor every detail for the target audience in line with your budget, market-specific requirements & goals.


Reach the hearts and pockets of your customers anywhere in the world. We will choose the best translators for your target market, audience and industry.
Increase the potential of your
e-shop localization with Loqipa and our advanced solutions.

Audio & Video

Loqipa offers subtitling, dubbing and voice-overs for your video. We have the most suitable voice artists for your project in our database. Get closer to your customers with properly adapted content in their native language.


Translating and localizing legal documents requires a different approach compared to games or videos. Our verified linguists will translate your documents, and we will ensure precise review and quality control occur.

Information and Data Protection Statement

Loqipa Management is aware of the importance of protecting information. To support the security of the information and data handled by the Company, Loqipa makes the representation as follows:

  • We meet the requirements of Czech legislation and the EU standard.
  • We honour the rights of data owners and the privacy of users.
  • In the managing of data and information, we responsibly fulfil the principles of data security and take responsible and effective steps in line with Loqipa’s in-house ICT security policy and within the defined legal scope.

The security of the processed data and information of our customers, employees and business partners, as well as the security of ICT operations, services and IT infrastructure security, is our top priority.

To ensure security we have and use:

  • Processes for managing the organisation’s security;
  • Secure data storage with data access control and auditing;
  • Functional infrastructure and means of technical communication security;
  • Processes to detect and resolve security incidents;
  • An ICT administrator who consistently checks for detected anomalies and checks the configuration and functionality of individual ICT components.

In managing ICT security, we focus on:

  • Ensuring data and information security in our ICT
  • Ensuring the organisation’s security
  • Ensuring the security of ICT infrastructure
  • Managing licences

Basic localization terminology

Translation (t9n) is the first step towards successful localization. The basic definition of “translation”: conversion of text or spoken words from the original (source) language into another (target) language.

We offer over a hundred language combinations, work with verified linguists and carefully assess the quality of the delivered translations. For each project, we select translators with experience in your specific field and convey the tone of voice in line with brand and product guidelines.

Localization or just “L10n”. The acronym may seem mysterious, but it simply counts the letters you omit. It’s all about taking your product or service to a foreign market. Translation is a very important part of the localization process, but there are few more major components to it. In addition to texts, you need to localize all other location specific details like date formats, currencies, cultural nuances etc. You need to make sure that the translated texts have a natural feel to them and follow the rules of the target language.

Our goal is to make sure that your product “talks” to your customers in an effortless and welcoming manner. We, as customers ourselves, realize how important is the feeling that a product respects our culture, language and preferences and avoid products that are poorly localized. It’s a personal matter really and we make sure to preserve the brand goals, voice and show appreciation to the final recipient. 

Internationalization or I18N – stands for technical preparation of web documentation, applications or software for localization. If done correctly, internationalization can save you a lot of time and ultimately a lot of money.

If localization is taken into consideration already during the development stage, we can set up all technical processes correctly. Your developers and our translators will then enjoy a smooth process. Internationalization can include assigning identifiers to all text units, using the correct data formats, creating a term base, etc. Generally speaking, writing source code in such a way that allows easily adaptation, export and import of data for the translation phase.

Translating content using AI tools. You’ve probably already translated a few phrases or sentences using popular online translation websites. There are other, more advanced tools that use similar technology. Machine translation can be a great option if you are in a rush, handle large volumes, possess a large database of previously made and approved translations. However, this is a tool that helps increase the turnaround time and the productivity of your team rather than an overall solution for customer-facing texts. The optimal solution would be to combine machine translated suggestions, that are then revised by linguists (Machine Translation with Post-Editing). We can help you find the right option for your product.

The days when translators used two open documents for translation are irretrievably gone. Computer-Assisted Translation tools not only enable fast translations, but also the automation of many processes and terminology management. Loqipa has established long-term relationship with the biggest CAT/TMS providers on the market and our linguists are trained to work with them – on or off the cloud.

Our process

Localization is our domain and as such, we will find out what your product needs and suggest the best approach.
We will take into account your internal processes and all your security and other requirements. 

Contact and assignment

Tell us what you need to localize. We will assess and propose options and solutions and document all steps.

Source optimization

We will process your source materials, propose way to optimize for localization purposes, create or apply your terminology, TMs, find the matching linguists and kick the process off.


Loqipa works with trusted vendors that we have tested on many projects over our years of cooperation. Quality is regularly assessed and training is provided as needed.

Quality assurance

All translated texts pass a thorough quality check by a second linguist or QA assessments, depending on your requirements.


We test apps, website content and games directly in online environment.

Additional Processing and DTP

Should you have any questions or additional requirements, or the visual appearance of the localized content needs to be fixed, our DTP specialists will fine-tune it to the smallest detail.


We deliver the localized texts and help you get the live version up and running.

Translation or localization? We will explain the differences, benefits and drawbacks.

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