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Whether it’s an app, game, SaaS, website, video, campaign, contract, or internal communication, Loqipa takes care of the overall process for you.
Reach the world with us!

Decades of experience in the localization industry

Tell us what you need and we will assist you in setting up the most efficient process. Frame the budget, choose the best translation tools, set the deadlines, prepare the text resources, assign the work to linguists, answer all the questions you might have and reach your maximum potential.

We solve the issues for you,
so you don't have to

Localization tends to be a wild ride. And we enjoy every minute of it. Loqipa’s team consists of project managers and consultants who spent years building their experience in large companies, both from vendor and buyer roles. Our biggest asset is the combined and thorough knowledge on localization from all aspects and at all steps of the process.

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What we offer

One-stop solution

A localization specialist is dedicated to your project and knows all the ins and outs. They answer all your questions and take care of all matter. You have a single point of contact, while relying on all our team members at the same time, and you don’t need to micromanage all the project details – just sit back and wait for the finished product to be delivered.

Any format or content

With us, you can localize your web and mobile apps, games, SaaS, e-shop, website, marketing materials, legal content, design files, you name it. On top, we offer localization for all your audio and video files and, of course, subtitles.

Agility & non-negotiable quality

Our team works with the best in tech project and translation management tools to support your product cycles or turnaround time needs. And since we rely on a number of linguists with experience in your field, we optimize the delivery without sacrificing quality.

We lead the whole project

We will carefully assess your requirements and project and provide you with a scalable localization strategy. Don’t worry about the small details – we are here for that! Loqipa will make sure you get all the benefits a localization can offer.

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