Banks, funds, and financial companies should be perceived to be the most trusted, transparent, and reliable institutions. And the same applies to their international content. To stand out in the crowded global marketplace today, financial products and services must work flawlessly.

Your apps and websites are accessed by all types of people. No matter if the end-users are top businessmen or mothers on maternity leave, your website must be appealing and easy to find. Your app needs to be localized to their native language, currency, and banking regulations. The content and platforms for client support have to be customized for the local market.

It might seem too much, but you are not alone in the effort to tackle all the details. With the assistance of our subject matter experts and thanks to the experience we have in this sector, you will be able to achieve your localization goals with ease. 

Healthcare technology—or healthtech—is one of the fastest-growing industries these days. And as with anything related to healthcare, 100% accuracy and correctness of all assets is an absolute necessity. 

This sector has a wide range of B2C and B2B offerings—preventative and monitoring tools for consumers as well as analytic and administrative tools for healthcare administrators and commercial healthcare organizations. Healthtech also consists of products that enable the “healthcare at home” movement, which allows patients flexibility and convenience in how they manage personal care (telemedicine, blood testing, and genomics, for example).

No matter which area is your company focused on, at Loqipa we are ready to assist you. Leveraging our long-term experience with other clients from this industry, we are here to help your company succeed.

Financial technology (fintech) is used to describe new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. ​​​At its core, fintech is utilized to help companies, business owners, and consumers better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives by utilizing specialized software and algorithms that are used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones. Fintech also includes the development and use of crypto-currencies such as bitcoin.

By its nature, pretty much all fintech products are aimed for a global audience. At Loqipa, we see increased demand for localization coming from clients in this industry. 

We follow the trends, we know what clients are looking for and what is important to them, and we are ready to help your company deliver everything you are aiming for.

Healthcare, pharma, biotech, vaccines – these terms are becoming more and more familiar and resonate more in our society. Now more than ever, people are paying more attention to their health.

Any company in this sector is certainly aware of this trend. They are also aware of the fact that this industry is more and more competitive, any mistake can cost you your reputation. Flawless localization and availability of all materials needed in language that is clear, sound, and understood locally cannot be compromised.

At Loqipa, we listen to our clients. And thanks to our knowledge, we know where and how we can assist. We use proven SME (Subject Matter Expert) linguists, applying tested and fine-tuned processes, testing and reviewing all the steps, and these are just a few of the things that could also be applied to your localization projects.    

As in any other sector, industrial and manufacturing companies need to follow the latest trends and constantly innovate and streamline their processes. To succeed globally, you not only need to meet local regulatory and technical requirements, you also need to meet local buyer needs for information in their own language. 

Localization services partner who can support your company’s mission across multiple international markets is a critical component in today’s globalized world. All parts need to be taken care of, from content strategy to marketing to intellectual property. 

We are here to help you. Our team leverages the expertise of our industry specialists, the latest terminology management technology, as well as expert knowledge of source and target languages. No matter if it starts with rather simple TDS/MDS localization and ends with complex global web redesign, we will be happy to show you our added value in reaching your efforts.

The media and entertainment industry is among the fastest growing ones. All this has been accelerated in recent years when more people have been forced to stay home. And thanks to various digital platforms, this world has been transformed. 

No matter if your company produces AAA games, casual apps for mobile phones, or an advanced AR/VR experience, having the content available in local language is a must. And it’s pleasant too! 

In this ever changing environment, how should you decide which technology to use and which processes and workflows to apply? Use experts in the industry to help you here and keep focus on your core job! Your company can succeed in global markets with Loqipa’s assistance!

As a company in the travel and hospitality industry, you are very well aware that your customer-facing content is present everywhere—from advertisements,  booking, to customer service, your website, descriptions of rooms and properties, reviews, payment options, and a lot more. 

You create engaging blog posts, reviews, videos, or even e-books. All this in all types of formats. And this content is required in multiple channels and platforms to reach your target audience.

Seems a bit hard to handle? Not with assistance from professionals! At Loqipa, we are leveraging our proven workflows and technologies for this industry. We will be happy to help your company scale your presence around the world.

Seems like borders and “local markets” ceased to exist for retail and e-commerce firms. To survive in today’s digital world, companies need to localize as much of their content as possible. To engage and keep new clients, you need to look at social media, marketing campaigns, user-generated reviews and product descriptions from their local linguistic and cultural point of view.

Fortunately, you are not alone in these efforts!

At Loqipa, we look at how technology and localization work together to create content that gives the user a compelling experience and feels specific to each market. We know how to customize your retail experience so new global audiences become loyal repeat buyers. 

For any company that has anything to do with legal materials, accuracy, and precision are key. No matter the language or location, any small error in localization could result in a paramount misunderstanding and expensive mistakes in the future.

We are aware of this as well as you are. Having worked in the global legal industry for many years and having a large pool of perfectly tested and evaluated linguists, Loqipa is the partner to help you thrive worldwide.

Is your business somehow involved in the exploration and development of oil or gas reserves, oil and gas drilling, and refining? Does your company have anything to do with integrated power utilities such as renewable solar, wind, or water energy?

We know how competitive and tough the energy industry is. We know there are neverending pressures on becoming “more green,” on how the public sees your business, on obeying the rules and regulations. We won’t be able to solve all issues for you, but we will at least be able to assist with some tasks. Leave anything related to international presence and availability of the necessary materials in local language to us! Make more room to focus on what your core business is!

Big Data analysis, the adoption of the Cloud, quantum computing, and others are accelerating technology innovation and transforming business models. 

And as growth depends on global expansion, you need a reliable and experienced international partner to help you with a strategy of how to succeed in all your target markets. At Loqipa, we can help you with market analysis, localization, technology, and process consultancy. With us, you can be sure all is set in a way that is most suitable for your specific needs.

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