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Our mission is simple – we pledge to be your partner in localization, to help you adapt to foreign markets and standards, and we are all in! From translation to desktop publishing, we are able to meet all your specific requirements. Your product will be ready to meet
the end-user in no time.

Today, we are experiencing an ongoing and flourishing process of globalization where everyone is used to finding a majority of products adjusted to one’s native language. Software, web pages, product documentations, or even shampoo bottles! All should be translated. But localization is not only about translation.

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We don’t translate,
we localize

The localization process is not something commonly mastered among people not involved in the field. And that is more than understandable—the service itself is quite new; it started to grow once the world entered its globalization phase.

Your international breakthrough is hard to achieve without a perfectly localized product. Sure, you can ask anyone with knowledge of the language to help you translate your content, but localization is so much more.

The adaptation to the desired market and audience is the key—and therefore we put a lot of effort into the initial phase of our cooperation. Knowing what you need and tailoring the process efficiently is our major goal.


We are your language service provider. That means
we can provide all processes needed for your successfully localized product.

Translation, Editing
and Proofreading

Translation, editing, and proofreading (TEP) is our bread and butter. Unlike a simple translation, TEP is the most effective way to ensure the best quality possible. The process itself is secured by two pairs of eyes: one linguist doing the translation and editing part, the second one proofreading the translated content.

Review and LQA

You name it. We provide all forms of revision—with or without immediate implementation, with or without a specific form of feedback. If there are materials not translated by us, we can check them for you.

Quality Assurance

QA is a natural step in line of the localization process. No matter what language, or if the proofreading part is integrated to the initial translation, we have tools in place that check all aspects of quality to be sure our output is flawless.

Desktop publishing

Once the linguistic part is over, it’s time to talk about the graphics or the layout of your materials. Is your desired output a PDF or a PPT presentation? No problem! Come to us. We can handle all formats.

...and more!

These are just the essentials of what our company offers.

We are able to provide testing of your product, transcription of a spoken material, subtitling, video creation including voice over, machine translation post editing (MTPE), and many other language related services.